chapter  12
Cultivating leadership among Indian women in climate change adaptation
WithPeggy Christoff, Aideé Saucedo Dávila, Jasmeet Kaur, Jamie M. Sommer
Pages 18

In order to predict the likelihood that women will become vital voices in climate change adaptation projects throughout India, this chapter introduces several elements of cultivating leadership among women. We focus on the Bhungroo irrigation technology program, which began in Gujarat and expanded into other rural communities in India (Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra, Jharkhand, and Bihar); and analyze relative probable levels of success based upon the state’s economic situation, women’s political participation, and cultural frameworks. Because most women do not have land rights, the Bhungroo program purports to give them control over the irrigation technology that farmers require to make the land useful. Further research is needed to determine whether women’s acquiring skills in micro-planning empowers others to become well-respected community leaders in a non-female domain.