chapter  1
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Listen to the music

WithGuy Shennan, Sander van Goor, Jonas Wells

People engage with music in a number of ways and the focus of this chapter is on listening to music, and how this common activity can be used by Solution Focused practitioners and trainers. Music can create an atmosphere and be helpful to trainers and facilitators at the beginning of their courses and workshops. It can help authors too, so this chapter begins and ends with songs chosen to create a mood, both during and after its reading. In between these songs, it is argued that everyone has musical abilities, evidenced by how they perceive and use music. Therapists and other change agents can therefore utilise the abilities of their clients as resources for the work, as well as utilising their own ability to aid their listening to their clients. The various benefits of listening to music add to its value as a resource. Listening to music together, either with an individual client, or in groups of clients or trainees, can be a powerful experience, which can be amplified by talking about the music and its positive effects. Music accompanying certain speeches can be an aid for learning, and this suggests further possibilities for Solution Focused practitioners.