chapter  13
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Clean Space and Solution Focus

WithFania Pallikarakis, Klaus Schenck, Tim Newton, Sandra Collin

As with many of the conferences hosted by the Solution Focused (SF) practice community, the SF World Conference in Bad Soden, Germany 2017, provided opportunities for SF practitioners to explore neighbouring approaches. This chapter describes the authors’ participation at an open space workshop and subsequently in a series of so-called Labs, in a procedure called Clean Space (Lawley & Tompkins, 2003, 2009; Lawley & Way, 2017), a development from Clean Language (Lawley & Tompkins, 2000; Wikipedia, 2019). First person accounts are provided to give insight into the experiences and motivation of the participants, and why Clean Space may have an appeal for them as SF practitioners. Clean Space is a question-based approach where the facilitator, like in SF, can take a non-expert role, without theorising or hypothesising about the client’s experience – the client knows best.