chapter  14
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Meta for solutions

How metaphors are simply unavoidable when focusing solutions
WithKlaus Schenck

Everyday language, being a major tool in language-based approaches to coaching, consulting and therapy, uses lots of words and phrases with metaphorical qualities. It may help and speed up these change processes when coaches, consultants and therapists learn to fluently hear and utilise these metaphors. Metaphors use the language of direct experience of concrete domains of life like the body, animals, nature, buildings or social surroundings to express more abstract, intangible aspects of experience like feelings, values or symptoms of suffering. Working on this metaphorical level can make it considerably easier for clients to develop their ideas for solutions and desired futures. It is proposed that being able to help clients to easily access this metaphorical level is a useful skill for SF coaches. This chapter introduces and explains seven ways of inviting clients to direct their attention to the metaphorical level, to start exploring and developing ways towards their preferred futures. It draws on the author’s variety of experience and interests in cognitive theory, systemic practice as well as SF.