chapter  17
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Solution Focused work with conflicts

The know and how of Solution Focused mediation
WithMartina Scheinecker, Peter Röhrig, Sieds Rienks with Leo Blokland

Solution Focused mediation follows the basic assumptions of the Solution Focused (SF) approach and rigorously shows this in action. It works consequently with SF methods oriented at the desired futures and can essentially support the parties involved to find constructive ways out of the conflict, effectively and with as much lightness as possible. SF mediators can be especially supportive to their clients when they work with an elaborate mix of SF and classical methods on the basis of a rigorous SF attitude. Suggestions from classical mediation that turn out to be quite helpful are, for instance, to estimate the degree of escalation and to appeal to the parties’ self-responsibility in letting them define the necessary amount of working with the conflict-issues and problems of the past. In this chapter the authors give an overview of the development of SF conflict management and describe different approaches that are all deeply rooted in SF practice in organizations.