chapter  2
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Music as unifying language for a co-creative process

A community art project with a street piano illustrates the Solution Focused approach
WithChristiaan van Woerden

Following a referendum in 2010, Bonaire, a small Dutch-Caribbean island, came under direct Dutch reign. The influx of Dutch governmental employees revived old colonial pain for the long-term Afro-Caribbean islanders. A young paediatrician, recruited to build-up a hospital service for the children on Bonaire, aspired to become part of this society, albeit working there on a temporary basis. He invited a visual artist to join him on the island and initiate a community art project which could connect them with the people. The artist convinced him to ship his classical piano across the ocean, as both piano playing and his work were his passions. By placing the instrument in various neighbourhoods on the island, the piano led them on a journey across the island. By experiencing musical encounters with others, people interacted at an emotional and personal level. Building towards a preferred future, using personal resources and elaborating on fruitful interactions, this art project illustrates the Solution Focused approach.