chapter  11
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TiO2 Nanowire-Based Optical Sensor

WithAniruddha Mondal, Anupam Ghosh

In this chapter, the application of TiOmaterial in the field of UV sensing is studied in detail. Glancing angle deposition (GLAD) technique was employed to synthesize TiOnanowires (NWs) on Si <100> substrates a base pressure of ~2 × 10-−5 mbar inside the e-beam chamber. GLAD technique is one kind of physical vapor deposition (PVD) technique, where the substrate is placed at a tilted angle and the incident vapor flux thereby falls on the substrate at an angle of ~85°. During the growth process, the substrates were also rotated at a high speed (~460 rpm). The gold (Au) Schottky contact based photodetectors were also fabricated by using these samples. The devices were characterized in terms of different merits of the detectors. Finally, a comparison of the TiOmaterial based photodetectors synthesized by different methods is shown in tabular form.