chapter  2
28 Pages

Photonics: A Dream of Modern Technology

WithSourangshu Mukhopadhyay, Shuvra Dey, Subhendu Saha

Optics is established as a potential replacement and alternative of electronic signal in global communication scenarios and in data processing technology because it carries many inherent advantages over its electronic counterpart. These include parallelism, speed, reliability, etc., which are the in-built characters of photons. It is proved that billions of data can be carried by photons at a time. Simultaneously, they can go to the desired destination of millions kilometers apart at a shortest possible time without any difficulty and with a high degree of reliability. They also keep their identity to preserve the high value of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Similarly, the bit error problem is also reduced significantly. The future of communication is believed to be as all photonic communication to exploit multi-level advantages in data transport.

In this chapter, the authors discuss some modern application areas of photonics. The areas are quantum computation, optical soliton, squeezed state of light, photon in quantum cryptography, photon in nano-science and in high-end computation.