chapter  12
Populist metaphorical utterances 1
WithJohn Keating, Belén Soria
Pages 18

Populism has been the focus of many studies in political and it has been conceptualised either as a strategy of political mobilisation an ideology or a form of political discourse. The most widely cited definition is given by Mudde who claims that populism is a “thin-centred ideology” that involves a confrontation between the pure people, seen as the legitimate source of sovereignty, and the corrupt elites. There are many studies on metaphor. Some focus on the interpretation of metaphorical utterances and some have been applied to the analysis of political discourse. According to Romero and Soria the metaphorical mechanism is triggered both by a contextual abnormality, produced when using a linguistic expression in an abnormal linguistic or extralinguistic context; and a conceptual contrast, produced when identifying one concept as a source domain and another concept as the target domain.