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WithStefano Bianchini

This chapter focused on the reconstruction of the key policies, challenges, events, and trends in the region. It discusses the topic either by analyzing the situation in their respective countries or by stressing transnational and cross-cutting interactions. The chapter tries to capture some long-lasting regional dynamics (with their far-reaching consequences) that characterized the East Central European painful, and limited, process of democratization in the interwar years. In particular, extreme right movements, together with some conservative components of European politics, felt encouraged by the long war experience, which had affected the prewar civil organization of society. The East Central European leaderships devoted all their efforts over two decades either to consolidate or to affect the postwar geopolitical framework, muddling authoritative and consensual institutions with authoritarian regimes and dictatorships. Truly, their main aim was to preserve social conformity and the power of the prewar ruling classes.