chapter  10
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Can theology contribute to the security of women in the Pacific household?

WithRichard A. Davis

Many women in the Pacific find their personal security most at risk in the household. Violence against women is at epidemic proportions in Pacific island countries and yet these same nations have very high rates of Christian adherence and church attendance. In this context, it is increasingly realised that Christian theology has an important part to play in reducing rates of violence against women and increasing their security. This paper will consider proposals from three organisations who, in wishing to help eliminate violence against women, are realising that theology cannot be ignored. This chapter will describe and assess these initiatives by the Pacific Community, UnitingWorld and the Fiji Council of Churches. As the paper will show, the success of these theological approaches needs to take both culture and theology seriously. This chapter will consider these proposals in brief, and then discuss how a focus on human security and its concern with fear can help assist theology make an important complementary contribution to improving the situation of battered women in PICs.