chapter  12
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The Expertise of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

WithG. R. Boynton

This chapter examines in detail the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's construction of a narrative account of the policy-making process. Legislation to require the administration to take other actions was introduced in the House and the Senate. The Senate Armed Services Committee, the House Merchant Marine Committee, and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held hearings. Congress passed a resolution demanding to be fully informed before the administration went ahead with its plan. Narrative accounts of actions through time play a central role in human communication and cognition. The search for "initiating events, psychological and physical states, goals, actions, and consequences" that is found in the text of the hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is also found by Pennington and Hastie. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee met for public hearings on May 29 and June 16 of 1987 to question witnesses from the administration about the administration's plan to reflag and protect the Kuwaiti tankers.