chapter  16
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U.S. Export Control and Export Administration Legislation

WithHanns-D. Jacobsen

The important issues to be addressed include the extraterritorial extension of American legislative controls, as well as the attempt by the United States to exert influence over multilateral export controls within the Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls (CoCom) framework of NATO. The US administration's bill contained an initiative to strengthen the Paris-based institution of CoCom. The extraterritorial application of US legislative controls had already acquired major significance following the European-US controversy, in the summer of 1982, over the construction of the "Urengoy" pipeline from Siberia to Western Europe. In contrast to the US administration, West European governments have proved to be much more cautious with regard to the use of economic sanctions as instrument of foreign policy. In all probability West European, Japanese and other companies such as in ASEAN, will endeavor to reduce their dependency on US technology as much as possible.