chapter  12
Food Safety and Product Quality
WithManfred Kroger
Pages 6

The safety of foods from cows in Bovine somatotropin (BST) research was determined by Food and Drug Administration in 1985. BST for lactating dairy cattle is another product that can be produced via biotechnology and may allow dairy farmers to produce milk at a lower cost. In 1985, based on an evaluation of toxicological data, the Food and Drug Administration concluded that milk and meat from BST-supplemented cows was safe and wholesome. The Foundation for Economic Trends deserves credit for asking the question as to harm that may come to the dairy cow as a result of BST administrations. In other words, if there are any noteworthy product alterations as a result of daily BST treatment, the effect would first be evident in the milk, rather than in the meat at the end of a cow's life and after a period of presumed nontreatment prior to slaughter.