chapter  14
BST: Issues, Facts, and Controversies
WithM. C. Hallberg
Pages 9

Scientists are specialists, and are in general very knowledgeable in their area of specialty. Some might argue that scientists have contributed to, rather than diffused, the contentious issues surrounding Bovine somatotropin (BST). When scientists from different specialties relate conflicting ideas concerning issues outside their area of specialty, the public becomes confused or even irritated, and loses trust. Scientific progress enables some people to live better, and more people to live. W. Roush offers an approach for dealing with BST-like technologies that would, hopefully, reduce the controversy that BST has stirred up and prevent the unwanted consequences that BST threatens. This approach would involve laypeople at the beginning of the publicly funded research and development process so that inappropriate technologies and products can be aborted before they acquire too much momentum. A host of countries have authorized milk from BST-treated cows to enter the food chain and several have BST research efforts underway.