chapter  Chapter 10
The Asian Development Bank Approach to Research Design for Irrigation Projects 1
WithDimyati Nagnju
Pages 15

The technical assistance for Nong Wai Irrigation Management Project (NWIMP) has been considered instrumental in bringing NWPAP to the take-off stage of agricultural development. The specific experience from NWIMP indicates that such tehnical assistance is extremely beneficial and cost-effective. Experience indicates that the expected benefits from large irrigation projects can be achieved if all mutually complementary development needs of the service area can be satisfied in the orderly implementation of a comprehensive and well-coordinated development program. Since its establishment in 1966, the Asian Development Bank has been active in providing loans and technical assistance for irrigation in its developing member countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The assurances were crucial since the slow progress of agricultural development in the NWPAP area was partly attributed to insufficient extension agents. To facilitate the construction of a large pilot scheme in NWPAP and to assist the government in accelerating agricultural development, the Bank provided the first post construction advisory technical assistance for the NWPAP.