chapter  Chapter Sixteen
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Home, Houses, Nonidentity: Paris Is Burning

WithChandan C. Reddy

This chapter explores the standpoint from the material and cultural position of "queers of color." It argues that in the United States, the modern State was, and continues to be, central in producing the racial and gendered relations upon which the material existence of the US Home is predicated. The chapter suggests that through the cultural practices and emergent subjectivities of "queers of color," a subjective location may open up from which to remember and practice the contradictory formation. It deals with an exploration of home and housing in the United States to set up a genealogy in which to situate the relation between racial/ethnic people and national rhetorics of the home. The chapter shows that a powerful critical thematic emerges from "queer of color" cultural production when contextualized within the problematic relation between racial/ethnic people and home and housing in the United States.