chapter  6
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The Mexican Iron and Steel Industry

WithGerardo M. Bueno, Gustavo S. Cortés, Rafael R. Rubio

The Mexican iron and steel industry got its start at the end of the last and the beginning of the present century from the market created by the improvement and expansion of the railroad system. The expansion stimulated production and commerce generally. The historical development of the iron and steel industry can be divided into three stages: the first began in 1900 and lasted until 1940; the second started during the Second World War and lasted until 1970; and the last one began in 1970. The development of the iron and steel industry is intimately linked with Mexico's industrialization policy. The market for the iron and steel industry will be determined by the success of the economic stabilization program and the mid- and long-term structural change of the economy. Estimates for the mid- and long-term demand for iron and steel products were made under some economic scenarios.