chapter  4
Integrating Biological Control in IPM Systems
WithDavid A. Andow
Pages 16

Integrated pest management (IPM) as originally conceived was a methodology for integrating chemical and biological control. In its more practical incarnation, however, IPM was developed mainly as a means to optimize the use of chemical insecticides based on information about pest incidence. This chapter utilizes the framework of partial budget analysis for evaluating the potential use of Trichogramma as an inundative biological control agent in some US corn commodities. Technical improvements to Trichogramma could be aimed at improved efficacy, reduced cost, or both. Two approaches have been used for improving efficacy of Trichogramma. Strains of Trichogramma can be screened to identify the most effective. The other approach has been to analyze the limitations of a particular strain to identify characteristics that need improvement. Integration of inundative biological control agents in existing IPM systems requires an agent with sufficient efficacy and low enough cost that it will compete in the current pest management system.