chapter  1
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Pakistan’s Economy in the Year 2000: Two Possible Scenarios

WithShahid Javed Burki

The past for Pakistan's economy began in 1947 when the country started rather hesitantly the difficult task of creating an economy independent from that of India. Pakistan emerged economically stronger from the trade and water wars fought with India in the late forties. Afghanistan was the only country that voted against the entry of Pakistan into the United Nations. Other Muslim countries also showed little enthusiasm for the creation of a country whose very birth was motivated by the desire to create a separate political entity for a large segment of the world's Muslim population. At the time of independence, Pakistan was a predominantly agricultural country with the sector of agriculture responsible for nearly two-thirds of its gross domestic product. A number of Pakistan's agricultural products have entered world trade. The country counts among the top half dozen exporters of rice and cotton and there is a sizeable export of fruit and fruit products.