chapter  9
Land Use Conflicts in the Agricultural/Pastoral Borderlands: The Case of Kenya
WithPeter D. Little
Pages 18

This chapter discusses the policy implications of the Kenya material and suggests that the complexity of land use problems requires policy changes at the local, regional, and national levels. The onset of independence in Kenya brought a new dimension to land use conflicts in the pastoral areas, African cultivators began increasingly to encroach on the better-watered grazing zones. Land tenure reform, which had its origins in the colonial period, has been aggressively pursued by the Kenya government. Baringo District is located on the southern fringe of Kenya's northern rangelands. It is bordered by important agricultural areas to the south, to the east and, to a lesser extent, to the west. In other areas of Kenya, conflicts arising from the expansion of wildlife parks assume more importance than in Baringo. Solutions to land-use conflicts in Kenya's pastoral areas are no less straightforward than are the causes of these conflicts.