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Derived from a symposium held in late 1978, the edited collection presents perspectives on the environment by Chinese and American geographers. The editors readily admit when a paper is an interim report or general survey. They include such papers with more analytical ones because the volume has less value in being comprehensive than in providing a broad reading of environmental concerns on both sides of the Pacific. The adoption in late 1979 of an Environmental Protection Law and its subsequent enforcement has had some impact on abating pollution and heightening the awareness of responsible persons. The author's historical awareness comes out in comments relating happenings at a given place, and in noting name changes for settlements and buildings. The classical patterns show up: infiltration, land takeover, enforced taxation, pacification campaigns, native uprisings, highland reservations, and resettlement programs. Cane was present when Chinese settlement began, and its commercial importance expanded as the Dutch East India Company shipped sugar to Japan.