chapter  15
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Frederic Marshall as an Employee of the Japanese Legation in Paris

WithYokoyama Toshio

The impact of the development of global transportation and communication networks on human societies in the last three decades of the nineteenth century has been insufficiently studied. Modes of contact between peoples changed dramatically with technological advances during this period. The protagonist in the story which follows is Frederic Marshall, a British barrister who is virtually unknown to historians, and whose biography is to be written. William Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, a monthly published without interruption for more than a century and a half until December 1980, was one of the most influential magazines in Great Britain. During the difficult time of publishing "Justice Abroad," Marshall's zeal for making efforts for Japan in journalistic circles seems to have cooled down. In June 1874, Marshall started, in accordance with a plan of Sameshima's, writing a guidebook for the Japanese diplomatic services.