chapter  6
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Militarization and Political Institutions in Chile

WithCarlos Portales

This chapter analyzes the responses of Chilean political institutions to the processes of militarization that have occurred in different periods of the country's history and to analyze the consequences that these institutional solutions have had for civil-military relationships. For people who are concerned with the authoritarian trends that that militarization implies on the level of internal politics, as well as the increase in international conflicts that may occur, the study of this phenomenon acquires special relevance. Militarization will be understood as the "process whereby military values, ideology, and patterns of behavior achieve a dominating influence on the political, social, economic and external affairs of the State." The constitutional text, voted less than a year after the military burst into political life, was not enough to resist the process of militarization. Article 90 states that "the Armed Forces are composed solely of the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force; their purpose is to defend the Fatherland.