chapter  Chapter 1
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New Strategies, New Alternatives: Some Introductory Observations

ByKeith A. Dunn, William O. Staudenmaier

This introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book argues that "a counteroffensive threat, in short, will lead the Soviets to strengthen their offense; a retaliatory offensive threat will lead them to weaken it." It focuses on two different operational doctrines for European defense: the United States Army's approach and the Supreme Allied Commander Europe's concept. The book shows that Follow-On Force Attack primarily is concerned with deterrence and war limitation if deterrence fails. It also focuses on nine political-diplomatic and military responses that the Soviets could adopt if North Atlantic Treaty Organization pursued a conventional retaliatory offensive strategy. The book seeks to put the debate in perspective regarding the four major themes of the conference and to answer some of the operational military questions raised, but never satisfactorily answered by the conventional retaliatory offensive thesis.''