chapter  Chapter 9
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A Nato Conventional Retaliatory Strategy: Strategic and Force Structure Implications

ByKeith A. Dunn, William O. Staudenmaier

This chapter focuses on the policy, strategy, and force structure implications associated with the Samuel P. Huntington proposals. Most analysts can agree that the strategic environment has changed. The belief that the United States nuclear deterrent threat has been largely stalemated has led a new group of revisionist strategists to suggest that the United States should adopt new methods for reinforcing deterrence. The USSR has at least sixty-five divisions in its European Military Districts which could be dedicated to its strategic second echelon. Military strategists would also have to advise their political superiors that the possibility of reinstituting the draft would have to be given serious consideration to make the new strategy work. A successful invasion of East Europe would have North Atlantic Treaty Organization occupying Prague and most likely the Warsaw Pact would be in Frankfurt, astride the invasion forces line of communication.