chapter  8
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New Approaches in Managing Biodiversity: A Matter of Scale

WithThomas A. Gavin

This chapter suggests that one might list a complete array of biological techniques, concepts, or theories useful in managing a particular renewable resource. It analyses new developments in applying genetic techniques, population analysis, and geographic information systems to management decisions. Managers and decisionmakers working for agencies that directly or indirectly affect the face of the landscape usually have a level of spatial scale defined for them given the agencies' jurisdiction. Managers and agency personnel that affect land use need to monitor the health and diversity of the landscapes for which they are responsible. Research needs at the level of the population, and management needs at the level of the landscape are complementary not contradictory. Of course, situations exist where management should focus on individual populations. Management, however, will have to be at a level of scale as large as, or larger, than the level at which the biological problem resides.