chapter  26
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Challenges for Public-sector and Private-sector Land Managers in the Conservation of Biological Resources

WithWilliam R. Mangun, Barbara A. Knuth, Jeffrey K. Keller, Gary R. Goff

Few institutionalized mechanisms exist to promote state and federal staff sharing expertise with often extremely understaffed local governments and planning boards. These institutional barriers, coupled with the intensive information needs among all parties involved, create great challenges to resource managers and administrators seeking to promote new biological resource conservation (BRC) management goals. Effective conservation of land and biological resources requires effective coordination among public and private land managers. Public and private land managers at all staff levels should receive periodic in-service education to keep abreast of new ideas about BRC. Greater coordination is needed within agencies, and between private- and public-sectors to achieve the landscape focus necessary for meeting BRC goals. Reward systems both in public natural resource management agencies and in the private-sector are not often structured to foster interactions, sharing of resources, and sharing of information between private- and public-sectors.