chapter  2
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Cultural Requirements of Coconuts

ByDonald L. Plucknett

The coconut palm is grown mostly on islands and coasts of the tropics and subtropics, but is only important as a crop within a widely-variable belt which is broadly outlined by the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Attempts to relate yields to rainfall patterns have had limited value. Nut collection is difficult if the ground is covered with dense or tall vegetation or weeds. In considering pasture or intercropping under coconuts it is necessary to determine potential yields of both enterprises in order to have solid information on which to base management decisions. If an intercrop is to be grown with a long-term crop such as coconut, the second crop must fit into the management system of the permanent crop. For that reason, it is necessary to consider the management requirements for coconut, especially as they relate to multiple use of coconut groves or plantations. Coconuts take six or seven years to reach production from transplanting.