chapter  7
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Improved Pastures

ByDonald L. Plucknett

This chapter discusses several types of improved pastures and their special management requirements, as well as other special problems in managing improved or established pastures under coconuts. It presents a discussion of some of the research in Sri Lanka and its implications for managing pastures under coconuts. An added factor in managing improved pastures under coconuts is the question of the effect of grazing and pastures on coconut yields. Pasture management has several objectives: harvesting the forage either through grazing or removal for hay, silage, or cut fodder; preservation of a productive, vigorous sward; maintenance of productive, desirable forage plants in the sward; and provision of a continuous feed supply for animals. Choice of stocking rate depends on the type of pasture, its potential production, and possible alternative feed sources, as well as the total number of animals which the farmer must provide for.