chapter  8
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Improved Pasture Species

ByDonald L. Plucknett

This chapter discusses a number of plants that are or could be useful as cover crops, as fodder or soilage crops, or as pasture plants because of their association with coconut. In order to obtain good pasture growth under coconuts, pasture species should have some of the following characteristics: be shade tolerant, should be capable of being grazed to within 8 to 10 cm from the ground, and be capable of enduring trampling by large cattle numbers. The characteristics also include: should be perennial, probably creeping; and if not, should have good seed production and a vigorous seedling stage. Pasture species should also be palatable, and acceptable to animals and should have reasonably uncomplicated nutritional requirements; should not compete seriously with coconuts for nutrients. Legumes should be combined with guinea in such a way that the legume can grow in the open spaces between guinea stools to prevent weed growth as well as to fix nitrogen for the pasture.