chapter  9
33 Pages

Managing Cattle Under Coconuts

WithFlemming I. Ericksen, D. L. Plucknett

This chapter discusses briefly some of the special considerations of grazing cattle under coconuts. While continuous grazing using low stocking rates may prove as productive as rotational grazing, tropical grasslands are normally undergrazed during the rainy season and overgrazed during the dry season, with consequent deterioration of the sward and possible soil erosion at the beginning of the rainy season. Where continuous grazing is moderate, it is perhaps more economical than rotational grazing, especially when; construction of fences or barriers is very costly, access to water holes or waterlines is very difficult or costly, and the system is used on small farms with only a few animals. It is possible though, to obtain a more efficient utilization of the available pasture by dividing the grazing animals into two groups, high producers and low producers. Indirect damage to coconuts by cattle results from trampling, soil compaction, and soil exposure near the trees.