chapter  9
Monitoring Latin American Arms Control Agreements
WithMax G. Manwaring
Pages 22

Since the wars for Latin American independence, the peace of the area has been disrupted by numerous interventions, insurrections, civil wars, and wars between two or more of the Republics. In that period, various regional and global attempts have been made to establish some sort of security system. As early as 1826, Simon Bolivar called a conference at which it was hoped--among other things--that machinery could be established to arbitrate disputes between Latin American States and to provide for collective security. 1 Since then other attempts have been made to demilitarize frontieis, 2 prohibit certain methods of war, 3 limit armaments, 4 prevent subversion, 5 prohibit military use of certain geographic regions and space, 6 prohibit proliferation of nuclear weapons, 7 create a nuclear free zone, 8 limit armaments in order to devote resources to economic and social development, 9 and support general disarmament. 10