chapter  24
Land Use Planning in Surface Mine Areas
WithJames R. LaFevers, Edgar A. Imhoff
Pages 9

Pre-mine reclamation planning has long been recognized as an essential element in any cost-effective extraction/reclamation program. There is an additional need, however, to carry the planning process a step further to include local and regional land use planning elements in the reclamation planning process. In that way, mined areas could be reclaimed to help satisfy specific local land use needs and comply with land capabilities, rather than merely revegetated to satisfy legal requirements. Such a planning program could be beneficial to both the mining company and the public. The public would benefit by having land use suitability, whereas the company would benefit from making their reclaimed land more marketable. This type of integrated reclamation/land use planning program will generally require input from both industry personnel and public sector planners. A land use needs inventory for the community, and other data necessary for the development of marketing strategies should be provided to the mining company by public planning agencies in whose jurisdiction the mine will be operating. In reciprocation, the mining company could provide to planning agencies information valuable in the generation of future development scenarios. Water and other mineral availability data, analyses of the overburden and the likely effect of disturbance and baseline data relating to archeological, social, historical, biological and other resources could be provided to planning agencies by the mining company and used for their mutual benefit.