chapter  10
Impact of Big Data in Social Networking through Various Domains
WithAbhishek Kumar, Srinivas Kumar Palvadi, T. V. M. Sairam, Pramod Singh Rathore
Pages 29

Data is being generated in a wide range with different sensors used in the IoT and applications used in big data analytics. With the impact of data growth in various domains, even when clear cloud management is given, we have a wide range of impact when using MapReduce resources for the data management and utilization of the web applications. We have wide range of web-based applications administrators and we have a clash of servers with the data management and utilization. Here in this article we propose an architecture that utilizes the MapReduce power and implements cloud computing architecture. We produced an architecture that takes into account advanced cloud computing and big data analytics mechanisms that will consider and remedy malicious activities in public platforms like social networking.