chapter  11
IoT Recommender System: A Recommender System Based on Sensors from the Internet of Things for Points of Interest
WithCristian González García, Daniel Meana-Llorián, Vicente García Díaz, Edward Rolando Núñez-Valdez
Pages 14

The IoT is a great source of knowledge. Its strength is based on the use of sensors that can provide information in real time on a multitude of variables in any part of the world that has an Internet connection. At the same time, social networks increasingly encourage users to create comments on points of interest they visit or could visit, giving valuable feedback for other users or even for recommender systems that could use that information to anticipate user tastes in the future. In this work, we present an overview of a novel recommendation system to generate recommendations for users based on both the information gathered from sensors and the opinions explicitly indicated by users about places or recommendations previously made by the system.