chapter  3
Design and Construction of a Light-Detecting and Obstacle-Sensing Robot for IoT—Preliminary Feasibility Study
WithMohammad Farhan Ferdous, Prayag Tiwari, V. B. Surya Prasath
Pages 21

In this chapter, we present a new design and construction of a light sensing and obstacle detecting robotic vehicle using a microcontroller. The primary aim here is to provide the basics of a robotic vehicle using microcontroller, and develop the light, obstacle sensing capabilities in an embedded systems platform along with IoT-enabled capability. Our overall system is developed with a photo detector, an ultrasonic sensor for obstacle detection, along with using light for determining the direction where the robotic vehicle is moved. The specimen detects light and obstacles: when a light will fall on the sensor of the specimen, it will stop traveling; detect an obstacle on the way of its travel it stops travelling. The photo sensor/detector, ultrasonic sensor, and DC motor by which the robot is made to move are all being interfaced to a microcontroller that forms the overall control. One of the advantages of our work is the development of a sensing robot for light as well as obstacles.