chapter  4
XBee and Internet of Robotic Things Based Worker Safety in Construction Sites
WithRajesh Singh, Anita Gehlot, Divyanshu Gupta, Geeta Rana, Ravindra Sharma, Shivani Agarwal
Pages 27

Currently, construction sites are considered to be very risky and dangerous sites; in construction site many accidents happens every day due to lack of awareness and outdated technology used for the safety of the worker. This paper proposes a high-tech model for a system that gathers information, updates to the server, and gives emergency alarm to the site workers who work in danger zones. This is based on the IoT. The IoT helps to monitor and collect various data from the construction sites; it consists of many smart sensors and transmits data using XBee. This helps to save the lives of workers by giving a warning signal with the help of a smart helmet. The smart helmet has power-saving technology that reduces the energy requirement by as much as 80%. We then move on to introduce various kinds of automated construction tools, such as virtual reality, the IoT with Wi-Fi modem (ESP8266), smoke detectors, and flex sensors and sensor-additive manufacturing, which completely transforms traditional works in the construction industry. Further, the data will trend and forecast using the cloud server and Cayenne application.