chapter  5
Contribution of IoT and Big Data in Modern Health Care Applications in Smart City
WithMamata Rath, Vijender Kumar Solanki
Pages 16

The IoT and its connected figuring devices are cutting-edge and rising technologies created recently that encourage more physical, electronic, and mechanical devices to connect with the Internet and give their administrations on the Web as assets. There are astute web programs that are the best approach to ideally utilize the rising Web of Things (WoT), as they associate customers and applications with structures required for customer errands. Development of these structures is a tried and tested factor on account of the varying assortment of WoT resources that they work with. Each blend of utilities amid usage processes requires a substitute sort of Internet searcher with its own specific particular troubles and use circumstances. This conventional assortment confounds both the headway of new structures and assessment of the front line. This chapter is centered on the most imperative existing issues of security and protection of IoT devices coordinated with the WoT, particularly featuring application-based security issues. With the development of omnipresent processing, everything is associated all over; in this way these ideas have been generally examined in the writing. Be that as it may, interruptions and vulnerabilities will be more intermittent because of the frameworks’ intricacy, and the difficulty of controlling each entrance is a noteworthy test. To handle these issues, specialists have been focusing on different methodologies that implement security and protection. In this chapter applications and security arrangements with respect to these advancements are investigated and introduced in great detail.