chapter  6
Programming Language and Big Data Applications
WithNikita Bhatt, Amit Ganatra
Pages 20

Due to enhancement of technology, a lot of data is being generated [1–3]. Figure 6.1 shows sources of the big data. Initially we had landline phones; now we have smart phones that are making our lives smarter. Apart from that, we used bulky desktop computers for processing a small amount of data (we used floppy and hard disks to store data but now we can store data on the cloud). The generated data is not in the format that can be handled by a relational database [3–5]. Apart from that, the volume of data is also increased exponentially. The Internet of Things (IoT) is another reason for the evolution of big data. For example, the self-driving car is an example of the IoT, which connects physical devices with the Internet and makes the device smarter, and for that a lot of data is generated from the different devices’ sensors. Another source for big data is social media, where data is generated in different format [1,6].