chapter  Chapter 7
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Encapsulation of Flavors by Spray-Drying Techniques

WithMohebbat Mohebbi, Faridi Afshin

Flavor is an important sensory property of foods and beverages and is an important factor for consumers. Flavor as a main sensory property of foods/beverages is a major influence on the decisions food consumers make. Spray drying is the oldest method of turning liquid encapsulation systems into dried powders. Spray drying is a flexible, economical, and fast method for applying flavor encapsulation in the food sector. Encapsulation efficiency can explain to what extent the flavor components were being entrapped into powder form. The need of food companies for flavor powders with high encapsulation efficiency, low surface content, and long shelf life leads food researchers to focus on optimizing the spray-drying process. There are two common atomizers including centrifugal wheel atomizers and spray pressure nozzles, which can be used in the flavor spray-drying process. J. Finney et al. used spray drying for encapsulation of orange oil using two types of atomizer including a centrifugal wheel and a spray nozzle.