chapter  7
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Mathematical simulation of the structure of pulsed arterial pressure relations with vascular damage factors in patients with arterial hypertension

WithO.V. Vysotska, Y.G. Bespalov, A.I. Pecherska, S.M. Koval, O.M. Lytvynova, A.M. Dyvak, M. Maciejewski, A. Kalizhanova

The paper presents the results of a study of the systemic aspects of the effect of treatment of patients with Arterial Hypertension (AH) and Abdominal Obesity (AO) on the dynamics of pulse arterial pressure and vascular damage factors using Discrete Dynamic System Models (DDSM). The construction of an idealized system trajectory with the help of DMDS was carried out using an approach based on an extended interpretation of Liebig’s law. The use of the obtained findings in clinical trials can create the prerequisites for developing a new approach to assessing the effectiveness of treatment. It seems reasonable and promising to use DDSM to investigate systemic aspects of the cardiovascular system functioning, in particular in patients with AH in combination with AO, in the dynamics of treatment.