chapter  Chapter 1
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Organic Field-Effect Transistors for Flexible Electronics Application

WithJung-Yao Chen, Cheng-Liang Liu

This chapter provides the readers a brief overview of the building blocks in the chemical structures of organic semiconductors and fabrication and characterization in organic field-effect transistors (OFET) devices and to provide their flexible electronic applications. Typical OFETs consist of four main components: active organic semiconducting layer, gate dielectric (insulator), three terminals (gate, source, and drain contact), and supporting substrate. The chapter presents the study of the major developments in OFET structures and operation principles, and discusses the characteristic parameters of OFETs for analyzing device performance. It analyses several first-generation p-type and n-type molecular and polymeric semiconductors used in the active layer. The performance of OFETs is characterized in terms of the important parameters, including the field-effect mobility, threshold voltage, ON/OFF ratio, and subthreshold swing. The selection of substrate materials for the device mainly relies on the different kinds of applications.