chapter  Chapter 4
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Resistive Switching Phenomenon for Flexible and Stretchable Memories

WithXiaohui Yi, Shuang Gao, Jie Shang, Bin Chen, Gang Liu, Run-Wei Li

This chapter outlines the basic concepts of resistive switching memories and their designing principle for flexible applications, and summarizes the progress in storage media used in flexible resistive switching memories. Compared to metal oxides and other inorganic counterparts, organic materials are considered one of the most promising information storage media in flexible and even stretchable resistive switching memories, because of their intrinsic advantages such as low-temperature processing, printability, and inherent mechanical flexibility. The chapter deals with inorganic materials and then place particular emphasis on organic materials and inorganic-organic hybrid materials, and provides a short discussion on the current challenges and future prospects of flexible resistive switching memories. The structure of a generic resistive switching memory is composed of a substrate, bottom electrodes and top electrodes, and an information storage medium.