chapter  Chapter 6
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Flexible On-Chip Interdigital Micro-Supercapacitors: Efficient Power Units for Wearable Electronics

WithGuozhen Shen, Kai Jiang, Di Chen

This chapter focuses on the developments and integration of flexible on-chip interdigital micro-supercapacitors (MSCs). Typical device fabrication techniques, including photolithography, laser scribing, and printing, are highlighted. Flexible electronics contain emerging technologies that build electronic or optoelectronic devices on flexible substrates. The chapter discusses stretchable MSCs and flexible MSCs integrated sensing systems. Demonstrations show that flexible on-chip interdigital MSCs are promising candidates as power units for future flexible electronics. Since the first report by Y. Gogotsi et al. in 2010, there have been several fabrication methods such as conventional photolithography method, laser-scribing method, and printing method to build flexible on-chip MSCs, classified into two categories. For the practical application of stretchable on-chip MSCs, especially in the case of wearable electronic applications, sometimes it is desirable to encapsulate the entire MSCs to protect the human body from being contaminated and protect the devices from environmental impacts.