chapter  10
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Trends in Biosensors and Role of Enzymes as Their Sensing Element for Healthcare Applications

WithTathagata Adhikary, Amalesh Nanda, K. Thangapandi, Shantonu Roy, Saikat Kumar Jana

In this era of modernization, biosensor is a blooming field due to the advantages it provides. The broad classification of biosensors (based on transducers and bioreceptors) makes it well evident that its fabrication requires interdisciplinary knowledge as there are number of approaches established in the process of detecting biomolecules. Among many other variants of biosensors present, enzyme based biosensors are gaining interest recently. Enzymes being highly reaction specific, can be used as the bioreceptor of a biosensor thus confirming the existence of a certain molecule. Glucose sensors were first developed under this category and it evolved itself with the advancements in the generation of biosensors. Cutting edge technologies in enzyme immobilization, composites, transducers (i.e. material science) etc. made it possible to face a number of challenges that appear while designing enzyme based biosensors (such as maintaining enzyme stability and activity).