chapter  17
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Microbial Laccase

A Vanguard Biocatalyst and Its Potentiality towards Industrial Applications
WithPriyanka Ghosh, Uma Ghosh

Laccases are the oxidoreductase enzymes which are able to oxidise different phenolic and nonphenolic compounds including numerous environmental pollutants. This makes laccases very useful biocatalysts for diverse biotechnological applications. Different type of bioremediation processes use laccase for protecting the environmental spoil caused by effluents mainly from paper and pulp industries. Laccase are extensively used in biopulping, wine and beverage stabilization, in bakery industries for the improvement of texture, volume, flavor and freshness of brerad, polymer synthesis, cosmetics etc. From the pase few decades laccase are being used in bioremediation of different xenobiotic substances like herbicides, pesticides, and certain explosives in soil. They are also being used as medical diagnostics tools and manufacturing of anti-cancer drugs. Recently, laccases are also being applied to nano biotechnology. This paper reviews different origins of laccases, their biochemical features, and biotechnological applications specially in food and textile industries, delignification of lignocellulose, as well as bioremediation and biodegradation of xenobiotics.