chapter  20
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Agrowaste to Ethanol

Orchestrated by Enzymes from Microbes
WithModhurima Chakraborti, Krishnendu Acharya

Modern civilization is strongly dependent on fossil fuels leads to severe depletion of the natural reservoir and rising greenhouse gas emissions. Kyoto and Paris protocols are forcing to develop an eco-friendly, renewable and economical alternative fuels like- bioethanol. Conventionally, bioethanol is manufactured from sucrose and starch enriched feedstocks which conflict with food and feed purpose. This review discusses the overall enzymatic conversion of lignocellulosic agricultural wastes (e.g. corn stover, bagasse, wheat and rice straw, wood [hard and soft], grasses and paper residues) to bioethanol as an alternative to fossil fuels, divergent act of different microbes, as well as future planning of a genetically modified strain development which can utilize both pentose and hexose sugars.