chapter  4
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Microbial Enzymes in Food Industry

Types and Applications
WithG. Singhal, S.S. Bhagyawant, Nidhi Srivastava

Enzymes are naturally occurring proteinaceous compounds, generally isolated from all the living organisms, acts as biological catalyst. The eco-friendly, nontoxic features with less processing time and cost efficiency of the enzymes, make their applications rapidly growing in various industries. In food industry, most suitable as well as important sources of the marketable enzymes are microorganisms as they show their significant part. Some enzymes like lipases, amylases, pectinases, and proteases are broadly active in the food industry. These commercial enzymes are produced through some bacteria as Acetobacter sp. specifically used in the production and processing of chocolate, beer, coffee, vegetables and dairy products. Fungal enzymes from Candida sp., Mucor sp. are also used in the cheese, beer and bread production. These enzymes are utilized for the optimization of processes, quality, efficiency and shelf life improvement to achieve the desired final product with organoleptic characteristics in the food industry. In current scenario, more advance technologies are required for the production of high concentration of enzymes with their utilization.