chapter  7
15 Pages

Role of Enzymes in Development of Functional Foods and Food Products

WithProtiva Rani Das, Kashif Ameer, Jong-Bang Eun

To reduce global health hazards, development of natural functional foods/products is considered as challenging tasks for scientists. The consumption of food-derived functional ingredients is not only associated with taste but also contributes nutrition for human health and well-being. Therefore, the development of food and food-based products which contains bioactive ingredients is demanding. Among several green technologies, enzymatic application in the production of functional foods is gaining utmost research interest because of several benefits. In food sectors, the usages of enzymes include catalysis, modifications, and extraction. The enzymatic application is widely used as potential tools to enhance the development of functional foods or ingredients. This chapter aims to give knowledge on the overall application of enzymes in food sectors regarding catalysis, modifications and extraction technology to develop functional food and or ingredients.